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Build a Terrarium for your next event

Welcome to our Terrarium Making Workshops – the perfect activity for any event, birthday, conference, or hen's party!

Our Terrarium Making Workshops are designed to bring people together and create a fun and interactive experience. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion, add a unique element to your conference, or just have a fun day out with friends, our workshops are the perfect choice.

Our workshops are led by experienced instructors who will guide you through the process of creating your very own terrarium. We provide all the necessary supplies, including a glass container, soil, gravel, sand, decorative rocks or pebbles, and plants. We offer a wide variety of plants to choose from, ensuring that you can create a terrarium that perfectly fits your style and preferences.

Our workshops are fully customizable to fit your needs and interests. We can accommodate groups of any size and can host workshops at any location. Whether you want to host the workshop at your home, a local venue, or even outdoors, we can make it happen.

Terrarium making is not only a fun and creative activity, but it also has numerous benefits. Studies have shown that gardening and plant care can help reduce stress, improve mood, and increase feelings of happiness and well-being. By participating in our Terrarium Making Workshop, you’ll have a great time and take home a beautiful and unique creation that will bring a touch of nature to your home or office.

So why wait? Book our Terrarium Making Workshop for your next event, birthday, conference, or hen's party today! Contact us to learn more about our packages and pricing, and let’s start planning your perfect workshop.

For all inquiries please contact us via email or phone!