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    In our Cute Animal Pot subscription box you will receive the pot of the month, a fact sheet on a popular indoor plant and a surprise gift. These gifts can range from plants, vegan chocolate, additional homewares & so much more!

    Subscribing to our subscription box of cute plant pots provides several benefits for you:

    1. Our subscription box provides high-quality and unique plant pots that are carefully curated to meet your style and preferences.

    2. We handle the delivery and shipping, so you don't have to worry about going out and searching for the perfect plant pot.

    3. Our subscription box offers a wide range of different plant pots, allowing you to expand your collection and try out new styles and designs.

    4. Our team of experts curates the selection of plant pots and provides tips and advice on how to care for your plants, ensuring you get the most out of your subscription.

    5. You can choose to subscribe for a month or several months, depending on your preferences.

    6. We offer competitive pricing and subscription options that make it affordable to add new and unique plant pots to your collection on a regular basis.

    7. By subscribing to our service, you are supporting a small business and helping us to bring you the best and unique products and experiences.