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Mushroom Ita Bag

The perfect bag for mushroom and pin lovers! Fantastic for those starting or displaying their pin collection!

Use the front compartment to display enamel pins by pinning them to an insert.
Use the main compartment for carrying small everyday items. It's large enough to carry a Nintendo Switch with joycons off.
The small pockets are perfect for flat items such as cards or notes!

This bag contains:
- 1x Mushroom Ita bag
- 1x Adjustable shoulder strap
- 2x Adjustable backpack straps
- 1x Pin insert in red colour

Bag Materials:
- Vegan PU leather
- Gold hardware
- Gold embossed logo

Bag Dimensions:
- Height: 21 cm with front panel. 20 cm without front panel
- Width: 27 cm with front panel. 24 cm without front panel
- Length: 7 cm
- Weight: approx 1kg

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