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XXL Reed Diffuser

We continue to preserve a way of doing things by hand, maintaining many of the inherited processes that ensure exquisite production and unsurpassed quality. Shop the collection of oversized reed diffusers and candle for maximum impact.


Avoid placing your reed diffuser in direct sunlight, heat sources or drafty areas. Heat and airflow can accelerate the evaporation of the fragrance oil, reducing the lifespan. We recommend you regularly rotate and flip the reeds, this promotes an even absorption and diffusion of the fragrance.

Regularly clean the reeds, over time dust and impurities can build up and effect the ability to diffuse fragrance effectively. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to gently wipe the reeds to remove any build-up. If you purchase spare sticks or refills store them properly, ensure they are stored in a cool dry place, to prevent evaporation of preserve their freshness.

Finally, when the fragrance becomes low you can refill the vessel with our fragrance refills instead of throwing it away.

Size: XXL
Volume: 3000ml
Oversized Reed Diffuser
Handmade products made in Spain with the finest fragrances.

Rattan rods included, refills available.