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Urban Seed Balls

Urban Seed balls are carefully selected non-GMO seeds rolled in our special blend of rich compost (for nutrients), mineral clay (to protect the seeds from birds and insects) and a sprinkle of chilli powder (to deter snails and slugs).

    • Each tin contains 24 balls
    • Each ball has 10-50 seeds depending on the seed variety.
    • Included in the Bee Friendly Seed Balls are White Daisies, Californian Poppies, Schizanthus, Alyssum and Nemophila (Baby Blue Eyes). Best planted Spring to Autumn
    • Included in the Kitchen Herb Seed Balls are Parsley, Basil, Chive, Coriander and Mint. Best planted Autumn to Spring
    • Included in the leafy Greens Seed Balls are Mizuna, Rocket (or Loose Leaf Lettuce depending on season), Mustard Tendergreens and Chicory. Best planted late Spring to Autumn